What We Do

Milk+Honeys is centered around home life. We design, develop, and produce products for the family, with a focus on newborn development. We make our products easily accessible by partnering with Amazon. We hope to contribute to the parenting experience with fun, happy, and meaningful products.

It all starts with the baby because babies turn couples into families. From the day the baby comes home, parents have the opportunity to set tone and create an atmosphere in the home. Parents nurture the infant’s emotions and can have a large impact on the infant’s brain development. In less than three months after a baby is born, his or her brain will double in size! The first year of a baby’s life is when the baby’s brain is most impressionable. We believe in focusing on newborn brain development to help parents and babies get off on a great start!

While we have products that foster the baby’s development, our lifestyle products are items that we love and that we believe are a fun or meaningful to own.

Our Name

So, why “Milk+Honeys”? The phrase “milk and honey” comes from the Bible, originally referring to the ease, prosperity, fertility God bestowed upon his Chosen People in the Promise Land. In other places in the Bible, the value of honey is continuously emphasized and praised. In Genesis, honey is an honored gift given to those of importance. For Samuel, honey is a symbol of good health. The Book of Wisdom extols the goodness of honey. John the Baptist survived on honey. The symbolic honey is even referenced in the Bible’s last book—the Book of Revelation.

Milk and Honey is a metaphor  for all good things. Our name captures our mission and dream—to support new families as they raise their honeys—with a little southern slang. But for us, our products are our “honeys,” which are here to support you as you raise yours.